the artist in quarantine-mode
I’m Binglin {pronunc. bing-ling}, an Ignatz award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, and designer. I make art for all ages (including adults), and my work pulls inspiration from fashion, wildlife, mythology, and my lived experiences as a queer second-generation Chinese-American immigrant. I currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland, with my wife Ashanti Fortson and our various furry friends.

My current project is Expedition Backyard, an early-reader graphic novel about appreciating urban wildlife, created in collaboration with science communicator Rosemary Mosco. It will be published by Random House Graphic in 2022. 

Past clients include Harmonix, The Nib, Oni Press, and Lion Forge. Since 2018, I’ve also been doing in-house graphic design and illustration work for the National Aquarium.

For freelance inquiries, reach out at
For book- and publishing-related projects, contact my agent Susan Graham at